Download Game Keyboard apk For Android

Looking for theGame Keyboard apk for free? So, you are landing in the right place. GameKeyboard is a general purpose mapping tool for handling the game controls. Itis specially developed to deliver you the more freedom and power while playingthe game. Most games are not designed to be played in this way, but GameKeyboard permit you to change your way of controlling the games.

Download Game Keyboard apk For Android

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            GameKeyboard allows you to play all types of gamepad-only games with an assistance of your touchscreen. And allow you to play a lot of touchscreen games with a virtual keyboard and you can enter cheat codes in different games. It provides YOU the flexibility and freedom to play the game that way you want. This application helps you to use on-screen buttons and change the position, look, and size of buttons which fits your style of playing in any game.

Game Keyboard allows you to control various games with:

  • Touchscreen
  • A mouse
  • Accelerometer
  • BluezIME compatible Bluetooth controller.
  • Operating system compatible Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Virtual controllers reproduce by 3rd party tools.
  • Xperia Play Touchpad (in gingerbread).

Some of the options might need testing, and some compatibility errors might arrive. Some options also need a rooted device to work properly.


Imitate touchscreen controls even if your phone does not have a touchscreen, and helps you in various possibilities. Some of its key features are:

  • On-Screen keypad with multi-touch, resizable buttons layout, and configurable mappings.
  • Re-map physical keys.
  • Save button for the map to profile.
  • Full-size QWERTY keyboard.
  • Allow you to create and perform combo keys and text input with a single button.
  • Reproduce touchscreen action and capable to work in the devices having no touchscreen.
  • Imitate analog joystick.
  • Virtual mouse.
  • Standalone application.

GameKeyboard was developed for working with imitators only but now supports multiple applications. Now control and play the game in any way you like with this great GameKeyboard. To Download the Game Keyboard apk file for free please click the below button.

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